We want to get out of the garage! The vocals aren't the greatest, but what do you expect from a vocalist who is also wailing on the drums at the same time? Our drummer is sick of singing the songs. So if you can sing what he wrote, and you like what you hear, and you live in or near Pittsburgh, send us an email to We feel pretty tight and we think we can go somewhere. These recordings were all made in the garage on a crappy $11 microphone. We are looking to get into a studio soon to make some decent recordings, but for now this is all we've got.

Crying For Help

I'm Waiting

Still The Same

All About Me

On The Side

I Tried

You Will Never Change

Another Life

Buying A Farm


Big Hole

Done With You

Blonde Widow

This Can't Go On

No Love For Me

Urban Garden

Keep It To Yourself

Not A Thing From You

Faded Lines


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